Estate Planning Lawyer in Sewell, NJ

Simply put, Wills, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney are part of an estate plan and each serves a different purpose. Unfortunately we will all pass, eventually. When this happens you will likely want control of what happens to your estate. I can help you provide instruction to your loved ones on whom receives what upon your passing, as well as when they are able to receive the gift. I can develop a plan that works specifically for you. I am able to provide expertise in drawing out a plan for your estate in a painless, easy to understand manner that makes sense to you. Call today to set up an initial consultation.

Estate planning isn’t just for the retired. All ages should have an estate plan. No one knows when their time is up, but you can be prepared in the event something devastating were to happen. Don’t leave your loved ones to pick up the pieces and try to make sense of what to do with your accumulated estate. If you do not have an estate plan, the state has a statutory plan set in place to distribute your estate, however it is very unlikely you will like their plan. If you have children that are minors, the state would try to control their inheritance. Or if both parents unexpectedly pass the court would appoint a guardian that may not necessarily be who you wanted to have raising your children. Though this is a grim thought it is necessary all the same. Ensure your estate to your family and stop in for an Estate Planning consultation and start the process of saving your estate.

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